Spheres of Impact

Shaping all aspects of our exhibition, residency program and community outreach, the Spheres of Impact create dynamic partnerships between the Center and a myriad of organizations in our community, while raising the visibility of artists to spark positive social and global change.


Paying homage to the strong tradition of craft in North Carolina

In homage to the strong tradition of craft in North Carolina, the Center would like to include a craft artist in each residency session. By doing so, we can feature craft artists who are challenging the traditional perceptions, definitions and mediums of craft, using craft as a means to explore social or political ideas, or perhaps taking craft to the larger format of installation. This recurring artist-in-residence program provides the Center with the opportunity to form ongoing partnerships with the Mint Museum of Craft + Design, Penland, Clayworks and the Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design, as well as other national and international organizations.

2015 Artists

Windgate Artist-in-Residence Anne Lemanski

Jan 12 2015 — Mar 25 2015

2014 Artists

Windgate Artist-in-Residence Betsy Birkner

Apr 14 2014 — Mar 25 2015

Windgate Artist-in-Residence Dignicraft

Sep 1 2014 — Dec 10 2014