Spheres of Impact

Shaping all aspects of our exhibition, residency program and community outreach, the Spheres of Impact create dynamic partnerships between the Center and a myriad of organizations in our community, while raising the visibility of artists to spark positive social and global change.


Focus on four geographic areas: Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Africa & Middle East, and Europe & Scandinavia

The International Sphere of Impact focuses on four geographic areas: Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Middle East, and Europe and Scandinavia. This allows the Center to consistently include artists from around the world in its residency program. By so doing, the Center deepens the community’s exposure to contemporary artists from these regions as well as their contemporary art practices and the issues they address in their work. The Center will enhance the quality of the residency experience for all of the artists-in-residence by including such rich cultural diversity. The Center will engage with diverse populations in Charlotte from these places of origin and continue to develop those relationships over time making them more nuanced and profound.

2016 Artists

2015 Artists

Artist-in-Residence Vicente Hernández

Sep 8 2015 — Nov 24 2015

2014 Artists

Windgate Artist-in-Residence Dignicraft

Sep 1 2014 — Dec 10 2014

Affiliate Artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner

Apr 14 2014 — Aug 19 2014