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Brad McCallum and Jackie Tarry

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Brad McCallum and Jackie Tarry

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Brad McCallum and Jackie Tarry

This husband and wife team who, through performance and installation (aka "performative sculpture"), create narratives to address issues of our time. Brad McCallum comes to the work from his sculpture background, while Jackie Tarry informs the work with her training in philosophy. They have exhibited across the United States, and their work has been featured in major periodicals such as Frieze and The New York Times. An interracial couple, much of their work revolves around topics surrounding race. The couple hopes their work creates a safe place for dialogue. As makers, the artists explain, "we create spaces that have an emotional and physical presence in which the voices of others can be heard." 


Artist Information

Residency Type Artist-in-residence

Currently Based Brooklyn, NY

Medium Performance, Sculpture

Residency Dates Oct 15 — Nov 20 2006