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Brian Knep & Natalie Andrew

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Brian Knep & Natalie Andrew

Brian Knep & Natalie Andrew

Brian Knep uses cutting-edge discoveries to create metaphors about the way we live. His works are often about the impermanent and interconnected nature of the world – how everything changes and is affected by everything else – and by the nature of their creation the works are also commentaries and explorations of the role of science and technology in our lives. Knep’s “Deep Wounds,” commissioned by Harvard University, has won numerous awards including notoriety by Americans for the Arts as one of the best public art projects of 2007.

Natalie Andrew is a biologist, engineer, and cognitive-scientist researching creativity, backyard biology, paradigm shifts, and the ingredients of inspiration. Her sculptures are an ongoing experiment to create an environment of wonder in which to contemplate, and an exploration of the value we place in scientific discovery and what consequences such reverence might have for making progress - either in deepening and elaborating a paradigm or shifting to a new one. Formerly a scientist at Harvard Medical School, Andrew works as both an artist and scientist.

During their residency, Knep and Andrew plan to combine their interests in mythology, journeys, transformation, and notions of magic to create a large, interactive wall piece for the Levine Children’s Hospital.

*Brian Knep and Natalie Andrew’s residency is supported by Wells Fargo

Artist Information

Residency Type Artist-in-residence

Currently Based Boston, MA

Medium New Media

Residency Dates Jan 7 — Mar 26 2013