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Caroline Rust

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Caroline Rust

Through the arrangement of found objects and paintings, Caroline Rust’s artwork focuses on the various roles women have played in society. Finding inspiration among historic research, fashion, and sociology, her work is a means to develop dialogues around identity, sense of self, and physical appearance. Rust’s assemblages juxtapose found objects that are traditionally associated with femininity with figurative paintings that challenge assumptions of femininity and gender roles. 

Rust received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from East Carolina University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Winthrop University, both with a painting concentration. She is an active member of the National Association of Women Artists in New York and a recipient of artist grants from both the Arts Council of York County and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Arts and Science Council.

Artist Information

Residency Type Summer Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Rock Hill, SC

Medium Installation, Mixed Media

Residency Dates Apr 5 — Aug 18 2015