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Carolyn Braaksma

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Carolyn Braaksma

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Carolyn Braaksma

As a public artist, Carolyn Braaksma executes large-scale commissions that incorporate visual art into infrastructure projects using concrete, steel, and stone. Braaksma’s fountain on The Green along Charlotte’s South Tryon Street is an example of her award-winning work that incorporates site-specific imagery with local references to create a strong sense of place. During her residency as the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Artist-in-Residence, Braaksma will address the surfaces of the visible bridges and walls along the CATS’ LYNX Blue Line Extension from Uptown to the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Braaksma received a BA from Metropolitan State College and has completed commissions throughout the United States including projects in Seattle, San Antonio, and the Denver International Airport

Artist Information

Residency Type CATS Alumni Artist-in-Residence

Currently Based Denver, CO

Medium Sculpture, Mixed Media

Residency Dates Jan 7 — Mar 26 2013