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Colin Quashie

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Colin Quashie

Colin Quashie was born in London and raised in the West Indies. He briefly attended the University of Florida but felt ill at ease in academia and left, eventually joining the Navy as a submarine sonar man. It was there that his lifelong love for art re-emerged and, after his discharge, he made the decision to pursue an art career. With a steady growth, his career ended abruptly in 1995 after an exhibition was censored. He briefly abandoned art and landed a job as a comedy sketch writer on Mad TV. In 2001 he received an Emmy for documentary writing. His love for art re-emerged (again) and, in between writing gigs, he continues to produce his unique brand of art.

Artist Information

Residency Type Artist-in-residence

Currently Based Charleston, SC

Medium Painting

Residency Dates Jan 1 — Mar 1 2005