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David Theissen

David Theissen

David Theissen, Gail Peacock Art Teacher-in-Residence,* finds beauty in structured yet simple compositions - many of which are frequently unobserved. While admittedly influenced by Edward Hopper’s realist paintings, and the Abstract Expressionist work of Richard Diebenkorn, he is most inspired by Post-Impressionism. In that regard, Theissen is interested in conveying emotions through bold brushstrokes and surfaces saturated with both complementary and analogous colors. Theissen uses ordinary and familiar painted cityscapes as backdrops for still, deserted streets to kindle feelings of alienation, solitude, and despair.

Artist Information

Residency Type Gail Peacock CMS Art Teacher-in-Residence

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

Medium Painting

Residency Dates Jan 9 — Mar 27 2012