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Diane Hughes

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Diane Hughes

“In response to a childhood uprooted by illness, frustrating diagnosis, and the stresses of disease, the physical power and symbolic wisdom of 'Trees' have become an enduring source of inspiration in my photographic work. Drawn to the strength, rawness, texture, shape, and human-like depth of older trees, the core image always begins in black and white. I then obscure this image with organic materials such as tea, dirt, raw vegetable juice, olive oil, and vinegars with the goal of creating color, texture, a new physicality, and an affirmation of health. The more authentically rich my relationship is to self and my expression, the greater the canvas will be impacted and thusly the viewer.”

 Diane Hughes received a BFA in Graphic Design from Southampton College in New York. She has exhibited her work in North Carolina and New York and has had her photography published in Great Unknowns: An Exquisite Collection of Black and White PhotographyCapturing longevity and simplicity, Diane Hughes creates mixed media photographs that reflect her passion for nature. Her aim is to enhace the work's dimensionality by creating texture through using unique materials and deepening the work's content by reflecting on the way the experiences of her young life find their way into her work. 

Artist Information

Residency Type Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

Medium Mixed Media, Photography

Residency Dates Apr 13 2009 — Mar 22 2010