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Dignicraft is a six-member collective of media producers (Omar Foglio, Jose Luis Figueroa, and Paola Rodriguez) and ceramic artists (Herlinda Morales, Ines Neal, and Juan Manuel Rosas Martinez) who share a common mission to bring awareness to the rich Purepecha pottery tradition in Mexico and the considerable measures being taken to educate the native artisans to eliminate toxic lead-based glazes from their practice.

Brilliant Soil (Tierra Brillante), the acclaimed 2011 documentary film, brought global awareness to their story. Lead-based glazes were introduced to the native artisans centuries ago by Spanish settlers. The harmful material produces a high gloss finish to the works, which is highly prized in the realm of Mexican ceramics. Through demonstrations of new sustainable glazes and techniques, Dignicraft aim to develop solutions that result in healthier conditions for those who are effectively suffering from a byproduct of their own livelihood.  

While in residence, Dignicraft will conduct workshops with local artists and Purepecha communities in the Piedmont and Mountain regions of North Carolina, allowing the collective to expand their network of support and share practices in this Craft-rich region. 

In addition, a sales exhibition benefiting Dignicraft and McColl Center for Art + Innovation will feature hundreds of handicrafts by dozens of Purepecha artisans. Works will be on view and available for purchase December 5, 2014 – March 20, 2015 

Artist Information

Residency Type Windgate Alumni Artist-in-Residence

Currently Based San Ysidro, California and Michuacan, Mexico

Medium Video, Ceramics

Residency Dates Sep 1 — Dec 10 2014