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Elizabeth Lasure

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Elizabeth Lasure

Elizabeth Lasure

“I can admit that creating art keeps me grounded and focused.”

Forever curious, she finds what matters most is to be present in the moment. When her work is going well, she is in tune with the rest of her world. A trained potter, she finds that working in clay is demanding, requiring both physical strength and careful manipulation. She prefers working with porcelain because of its soft, translucent qualities. An art teacher for the past eleven years in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system, she organized a student mural project for 7th Street Market in 2012.

Lasure is member of both the Steering Committee of the Charlotte Teachers Institute and national Steering Committee member of its parent, Yale National Initiative. In February, 2012, she participated as a panelist on the art and science “Exploding Canons” series at McColl Center for Art + Innovation that attracted hundreds of guests. During her residency, she will continue to develop and expand on the importance of arts education through student and community workshops.

Lasure studied photography, receiving her degree from Rochester Institute of Technology’s Fine Arts Program. She received a B.S. in Art Education from State University of New York at Buffalo.

Artist Information

Residency Type Gail Peacock CMS Art Teacher-in-Residence

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

Medium Ceramics

Residency Dates Jan 6 — Mar 25 2014