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Gregor Kregar

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Gregor Kregar

“Although his forms often seem to hail from a science-fiction novel, they are influenced, according to the artist, by the "social, economic, and political environment I live in." ”

Grgor Kregar received his BFA from the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and his MFA from the University of Auckland's Elam School of Fine Arts in New Zealand. Kregar produces work in a variety of media such as ceramic, bronze, wood, video, and photography. His subjects are familiar and include television sets, bottles, and animals. By taking familiar things and presenting them in a new light, Kregar produces uncanny, ambiguous works that encourage viewers to take a fresh look at ordinary objects. 

Artist Information

Residency Type Artist-in-residence

Currently Based Auckland, New Zealand

Medium Sculpture

Residency Dates Jan 5 — Mar 27 2006