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JoAnn Sieburg-Baker

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JoAnn Sieburg-Baker

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JoAnn Sieburg-Baker

Photographer JoAnn Sieburg-Baker experiments with different methodologies for printing and processing images. The rich and bright colors found in her work are reminiscent of her early adoption of the famed Cibachrome process. But the vast possibilities inherent in new technologies have led to her choice of digital photography as a preferred medium. During her residency, she will continue her experimentation of processing photographs and embark on her first three-dimensional project. Sieburg-Baker has won three international awards including the Worldwide Photography Gala Award. In addition to publishing two books, her photographs are represented in numerous public and private collections including the Mint Museum of Art and the North Carolina Museum of Art. 

Artist Information

Residency Type Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

Medium Photography

Residency Dates Apr 2 2012 — Mar 26 2013