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Kenichi Yokono

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Kenichi Yokono

Kenichi Yokono graduated in 1997 from Kanazawa College of Art. Since college he has been an art instructor at several local junior high schools while developing his own unique style of work. For the last several years, Kenichi has been invited to participate in the GEISAI Art Festival sponsored by artist and ACC grantee Takashi Murakami and has received a number of prizes for his work. This year he received the Tom Eccels Prize for his work and, in 2003, he was awarded the Eriko Osaka Prize. Kenichi carves woodblocks much the same as a printmaker does, but the blocks become the work and no graphic edition is ever printed. The blocks present dramatic manga- like images depicting Kenichis views of urban living and what he calls the horror of daily life.

Artist Information

Residency Type Asian Cultural Council Alumni Artist-in-Residence

Currently Based Tokyo, Japan

Medium Printmaking

Residency Dates Sep 1 — Nov 18 2005