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Mail Order Brides (M.O.B.)

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Mail Order Brides (M.O.B.)

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Mail Order Brides (M.O.B.)

Eliza Barrios, Reanne Estrada, and Jennifer Wofford are three Filipina-American artists who boast that the Mail Order Brides notion all started in a karaoke bar in San Francisco. They began working collectively in 1994 to investigate and offer campy commentary on Filipino-American culture. Through their performances, installations and short films - trying to make their work accessible through fun - they have made a philosophical commitment to "manifest the intimacy of hospitality and harmony on an ever-expanding scale." 

Artist Information

Residency Type Artist-in-residence

Currently Based San Francisco, CA

Medium Film, Photography, Installation, Performance

Residency Dates Sep 3 — Nov 18 2002