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Maja Godlewska

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Maja Godlewska

“"I explore beauty, permanence and decay in my creative work. I look to phenomena that occur between the form and formlessness, order and chaos, things that seem permanent, yet are subject to change and evolution (such as clouds, stains, patterns of growth and decay). A human body may be perceived as a form very familiar and permanent, it has been praised as an expression of divine beauty, yet it may be a symbol of and it is a subject to decay."”

Maja Godlewska has an MFA in Painting and Graphic Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, as well as having completed year long courses in Textile Design in Dublin, Ireland, and in Preservation of Mounments, also at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. She was awarded the Kosciuszko Polish-American Foundation Grant in 1996 in New York and an Arts and Science Council Regional Artist Project Grant in 1999. She has had numerous solo shows internationally and in Charlotte and has completed on public commissions in Poland, Ukriane, Germany, France, and throughout Europe since 1990. Her work explores notions of identity, beauty, and decay, while also exploring chaos and formlessness in structures that we assume are familiar. 

Artist Information

Residency Type Summer Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

Medium Painting, Mixed Media

Residency Dates May 24 — Aug 16 2002