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Marek Ranis

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Marek Ranis

“ "I am fascinated with forest, a harmonious creation of nature, a perfect unity composed of live and dead tissue...a lost forest; I want to save it, to preserve it, to recreate it. It is material out of which I make a story about what we lose. It is a wish to preserve the material and the non-material, that which is being exterminated by the "almighty man's ventures."”

Marek was born and educated in Wroclaw, Poland, where he received his Diploma in Silver Design and Metalsmithing from the Lyceum of Fine Arts and his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts. He has created over 25 outdoor, site-specific installations in Europe and the United States and is a recipient of over 13 international grants, residencies and awards. Most of his installations are produced from wood, steel, and found objects, with the subject matter dictating the material. His work is an offering, a visual reminder of man's connection to nature.

Artist Information

Residency Type Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

Medium Mixed Media

Residency Dates Jan 1 — Dec 31 1999