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Natalie Bork

Bork’s work focuses on memories which are visually conveyed through layers of paint. Some layers are permanently buried, while others are aggressively erased leaving only a trace. How much a preceding layer reveals itself depends on its impact, both visual and emotional. In this way, the works become a vehicle for conveying a struggle between holding onto memories and letting go – both in life and art. During her residency, Bork will work on several pieces at once including a large-scale environment of her painted “skins.” Working with cancer survivors, her outreach will focus on slump glass workshops as a tool for emotional expression. Bork has an undergraduate degree in Art Education and a MFA from Winthrop University. For the last eight years, she has headed sculpture at Charlotte Country Day School. Her work has been featured in galleries in Buffalo, NY, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA.

Artist Information

Residency Type Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

Medium Mixed Media

Residency Dates Apr 3 — Aug 19 2013