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Nora Herting

“When asked about her residency experience, Nora wrote: "Working through McColl on my outreach afforded me the access and the support to delve into with collaboration, something I had long wanted to do, but was reticent about making the leap. With the Center's support I worked with two classes of 5th grade students from University Park Elementary. After we spent time looking at a history of portrait photography and discussing their own experiences, I erected a portrait studio and the children orchestrated their own portraits. This project continued to shape my work, as I have made a series of images from this particular collaboration and have gone on to repeat the project with children in other cities. The outreach was formative in moving my work into the realm of community interaction and social portraiture. I am grateful to Devlin and Claudia, both who put their confidence in my project and whose coordination helped make it a success."”

Nora Herting earned an MFA from Ohio State University. Her work has included installation and perfromance pieces, as well as traditional photographs, and she has been exhibitied in New York as well as other states. Her work examines the long-standing relationship people have with the camera and their image as well as the social and aesthetic structures that create it. Herting investigates the clichés and myths people assume for the camera when their picture is taken. She is particularly interested in the way that sitters mythologize themselves for the camera. 


Artist Information

Residency Type Artist-in-residence

Currently Based Brooklyn, NY

Medium Photography

Residency Dates Jan 8 — Mar 26 2007