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Oliver Lewis

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Oliver Lewis

“ I feel that our minds have an incredible desire to be manipulated and are conditioned to think that control is not an illusion. As an essayist, I cleanse my mind of these social adulterations by dissecting ideological apparatuses and cultural hegemony. However, to have a manipulating effect, I use psychological techniques similar to product branding and commercial advertising. Every detail in a composition is designed to stand on its own as a kind of logo. If I were to draw a brick, it must be a logo representing all bricks. The collection of all these details create a semiotic mechanism to hold a person’s attention long enough to have the philosophical message sink into their subconscious where it can behave like a virus in questioning the world we created.”

Oliver Lewis graduated Pre-Med at Penn State University in collaboration with The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He suspend his studies and took a road trip across the country to reexamine his life and discovered a unique creative part of his personality; his artwork has been about exploring that ever since. His work addresses the historical use of art to deliver control over our perceptions. 


Artist Information

Residency Type Summer Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Lancaster, SC

Medium Drawing

Residency Dates Apr 13 — Aug 17 2009