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Randall Tagg

Randall Tagg

“Tagg feels that "direct interaction with artists can be enormously stimulating as a creative atmosphere unfolds and a tension builds between priorities and points of view."”

Randall Tagg is a physicist who has established the Center for Learning through Applied Research and Innovation (CLARI) to explore the integration of three main functions of a university: teaching, research, and service. One of his ongoing projects involves researching chaotic dynamical systems and fluid physics. His residency at McColl Center was scheduled in tandem with that of Paul DeMarinis to investigate the potential for interaction between artist and scientist. Professor Tagg also served as an advisor for Turbulent Landscapes: The Natural Forces that Shape Our World, an exhibition of artworks representing complex systems in nature, organized by the Exploratorium and exhibited by McColl Center at Spirit Square. He is working with Paul De Marinis during his residnecy at McColl Center. 

Artist Information

Residency Type Summer Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Denver, CO

Medium Physics, Mixed Media

Residency Dates May 25 — Nov 18 2001