Alumni Artist-in-Residence
Robyn Hasty a.k.a. Imminent Disaster

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Robyn Hasty a.k.a. Imminent Disaster

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Robyn Hasty a.k.a. Imminent Disaster

Robyn Hasty (aka Imminent Disaster) is a multi-disciplinary artist who follows the thematic thread of collapse and the potential for re-growth.  Using a variety of media, she works in large-scale collaborative installations and meticulous technical projects. Hasty lives her life as art, creating projects that challenge and inform. Her work in American Now will be built from fragile materials, only to self destruct over the course of the exhibition, as a metaphor for the world’s current political systems.

Artist Information

Residency Type DNC Alumni Artist-in-Residence

Currently Based Brooklyn, NY

Medium Multi-Disciplinary

Residency Dates Aug 6 — Aug 27 2012