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Shug Crist Lockett

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Shug Crist Lockett

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Shug Crist Lockett

Shug Crist Lockett is a Charlotte native with a BA in art and economics from Duke University and an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill. After a career in banking, she left North Carolina for 14 years living in Hong Kong, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, during which time she completed further studies in art. Shug works primarily in water media collage because she loves the process;  the collecting, preparing, texturing and arranging of various media. Her collages are created with hand painted papers, found imagery, and bold brushwork which engage the viewer to study each piece carefully and find the unexpected.

Artist Information

Residency Type Summer Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

Medium Collage, Mixed Media

Residency Dates Apr 21 — Aug 18 2003