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Stacy Levy

Stacy Levy

Trained as a sculptor, Stacy Levy explores the presence of urban nature, clarifies the patterns of natural processes at work on a site, and helps people connect with the visceral existence of their surroundings. Levy’s work has been integrated into trails, urban sidewalks, streets, plazas, rivers, streams and forests.  Levy’s installation will create a comprehensible visual metaphor for an otherwise invisible natural process that will elevate an unseen neighbor… birds. For the Art & Ecology Campus, Levy is creating Fly Line: Bird Habitat Ribbon, Making a neighborhood to share with the birds at Brightwalk. She will restore bird habitats through the development of a green corridor that will support observation and interactive stations for residents and birds alike. Levy’s Fly Line will feature native plants, trees and sculptural elements to attract natural food sources, and encourage perching and nesting sites for birds.

Artist Information

Residency Type Artplace Environmental Alumni Artist-in-Residence


Medium Mixed Media

Residency Dates Jan 12 — Mar 25 2015