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Susan Lee-Chun

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Susan Lee-Chun

Susan Lee-Chun graduted from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Fascinated with the power of humor and its capacity to grab the attention of a wider audience, Susan Lee-Chun employs a tongue-in-cheek style that incorporates video, sculpture, installation and performance. In her work, camouflage functions as the great equalizer; lines that divide us by race, identity and class are blurred. In her ongoing investigation of identity, authenticity and perception, what appears to mirror reality reflects the power behind an illusion fabricated to deliver a fantastical faux experience. Susan Lee-Chun, along with other artists committed to this type of discourse, honors the current movement towards a multicultural and multiracial existence.

Artist Information

Residency Type Knight Alumni Artist-in-Residence

Currently Based Miami, FL

Hometown Seoul, Korea

Medium Performance, Installation

Residency Dates Sep 6 — Nov 22 2011