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Tim McMahon

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Tim McMahon

“I travel the wild places, documenting the mountains, rivers, oceans and the trails I hike. In the studio I attempt to capture the spirit of those places. I try to show their beauty with brush marks and strong color. ”

For 37 years Tim McMahon has been an aesthetic missionary, sending out the Karmic energy of the visual arts. Tim’s method has always been to work side-by-side with his students, drawing, painting, printing, and working three dimensionally with clay and studying art history. He tries to balance expression with the descriptive aspects of his subjects. Since 2003, Tim has focused his attention on painting landscapes that allow the viewer to “feel” what it’s like in the landscape rather than merely describing the landscape. 



Artist Information

Residency Type Summer Affiliate Artist

Currently Based Huntersville, NC

Medium Painting

Residency Dates Apr 14 — Aug 25 2008