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Todd McKie

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Todd McKie

“"The work looks, I hope, spontaneous. However, it ain't that easy being simple; that's where the drawing comes in. It's a strange and glorious stew. I try to make the most beautiful, mysterious, most colorful, funniest, truest paintings I can. Every once in a while, I succeed."”

Todd McKie received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. His seriously witty paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures have been shown in galleries and museums throughout the country and are included in many public and private collections. McKie's drawings are inspired by pre-Columbian, African, Eskimo, so-called primitive art, art by mental patients, untrained artists, and children. These drawings then serve as the basis for his sculptures, prints, and paintings which frequenly include those drawings within the medium. 


Artist Information

Residency Type Artist-in-residence

Currently Based Boston, MA

Medium Painting, Sculpture

Residency Dates Sep 3 — Nov 18 2002