The Decades-Old Link Between Linoleum and Hair

Alumni Artist Anne Lemanski talks about her piece A Century of Hair, 1900-1990 in American Craft magazine.

Monster Building Makes You More Creative + Innovative

This is what happens when a group of adults unleash their creativity and build monsters.

Art Awaits

Studio Party 15 has come and gone, and there are still many beautiful and stunning works of art for sale to benefit local artists and McColl Center.

What an experience it was!

Innovative photos from the fabulous Studio Party 15: Upcycled Gala party and art sale to benefit McColl Center.

The Modern Spirituals of Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP

On the adventurous jazz, by way of Chicago and Brazil, of Rob Mazurek and Black Cube SP, performing at New Frequencies at McColl Center on April 22.

In the studio with Alumni Artist Isaac Payne

"I am always pushing out to the edges."

10 Tips From Artists To Develop Your Creativity

Everyone is creative. Here are 10 tips on how to be more so in business, life, and beyond.

New Frequencies in Jazz + Film at McColl Center

We kicked off our 2015 New Frequencies at McColl Center program with sold out, blistering performances!

Inspiration by Dignicraft

“What inspires us is human dignity, social justice, and the artisanal way of creation.”

Building Connections Between Artists and Communities

McColl Center for Art + Innovation is vital in supporting community inspired, artist-led interventions which contribute to social and economic vitality of our community. The emerging field is creative placemaking and no one is a bigger champion of this critical work than our very own Lisa Hoffman.