Artists Are Catalysts for Change

McColl Center for Art + Innovation’s Artists-in-Residence are making an impact in Charlotte and beyond.

An Afro in the Office

Endia Beal explores the relationship between corporate America and African American women through hair and images.

Creative Thinking Sparks Innovation

Successful leaders know that creativity is central to new solutions, ideas, strategies, change, and innovation.

Sonya Clark Unravels The Past

2011 Knight Foundation Artist-in-Residence Sonya Clark unravels 150 years in order to continue to move forward.

O, Miami: A Love Poem

2011 Knight Foundation Writer-in-Residence P. Scott Cunningham connects Miami and Charlotte through poetry.

Between Hollywood and the Avant-Garde

Filmmaker and Star Wars veteran Pat O’Neill’s short films make their Charlotte, North Carolina debut during New Frequencies at McColl Center.

How Innovation Can Change Your World

As in art and the world of creativity, at the heart of innovation is change -- a willingness to embrace risk, challenge assumptions, and step outside of the comfort of the status quo.

From Loud To Soft, Fear To Focus

With her easy manner and soft voice, 2015 Artist-in-Residence Caroline Rust is not one to shy away from challenges in her work.

Robert Lazzarini in 3D

Alumni Artist-in-Residence Robert Lazzarini on using 3D printing as a tool for rapid prototyping sculptures.

New ideas begin at the Innovation Institute

Composer, music theorist, writer, and artist John Cage inspires us with a simple quote.