Lucerne to Chicago to Charlotte: The Jazz of Christoph Erb, Jim Baker, and Frank Rosaly

The acoustic beauty and electronic experimentation of jazz trio Christoph Erb, Jim Baker, and Frank Rosaly.

Creative Thinking in the Workplace

Creativity is absolutely crucial in the workplace. The Innovation Institute can help you cultivate that creativity to boost productivity, innovation, and the bottom line.

This Is Changing My Brain: John W. Love, Jr. in Alaska

Here’s a view into Love’s creative process: he’s struck by something poignant, and then that poignant thing beautifully haunts him.

Sightlines, Incidents, and Echoes: Q+A with Erik Waterkotte

2015 Alumnus Affiliate Artist Erik Waterkotte examines the architectural imprints of McColl Center in his exhibition, Sightlines, Incidents, and Echoes.

Simulacra: Full Circle with Anne Lemanski

2015 Alumna Artist-in-Residence Anne Lemanski returns to McColl Center for Art + Innovation for her breakthrough exhibition, Simulacra.

Thanks, Obama

President Barack Obama announces intent to appoint Lisa Hoffman, Associate Director of McColl Center for Art + Innovation, to national advisory board.

Down And Dirty with Matthew Steele

2012 Alumnus Artist-in-Residence Matthew Steele explores a new medium, new dimensions, and the boundaries of traditional gallery spaces.

From McColl Center to Dismaland

2011 Alumnus UNC Charlotte Artist-in-Residence Michael Beitz participates in the bold new art installation Dismaland.

Cultivating A Creative Mindset

Creativity and innovation are widely regarded as the most critical ingredients for increased performance, productivity, and profit.

Fluid Paths, Souls, and Creative Blocks: The Art of Felicia van Bork

2005/2011 Alumna Affiliate Artist Felicia van Bork creates art that moves viewers, inspires students, and draws fellow artists to her like moths to a softly flickering flame.