Transforming Our Community with Art: Affiliate Artist Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner wraps up his nine-month residency here at McColl Center in May, leaving a legacy of empathy, and underscoring the power of art to unify and exact change in the broader community.

Drops of Improvisation: Mac McCaughan, Mary Lattimore, and New Rain Duets

Mac McCaughan on his collaborative musical improvisation project with Mary Lattimore called New Rain Duets, which premieres during New Frequencies at McColl Center.

Seeing the Sound of Healing: Artist-in-Residence Rebecca Kamen

On 2017 Artist-in-Residence Rebecca Kamen's work with young brain injury patients at Levine Children’s Hospital to explore the meaning of life-altering health challenges and their impact on our lives.

Suzanne Fetscher to Retire on September 30, 2017

After nearly two decades of leading Charlotte’s first and longest-running artist residency program, Suzanne Fetscher, Founding President and CEO of McColl Center for Art + Innovation, will retire on September 30, 2017.

Art from the Natural World: Artist-in-residence Rob Carter

Artist-in-residence Rob Carter isn’t a scientist, but he is an artist with a hypothesis of his own. He’s been rigorously exploring the roles that scientific advances and human interferences can have on the natural world.

“Be Soft in the In-Between”: An Evening with Lonnie Holley at McColl Center

“Tough, hard-won, and world-weary love” with artist and musician Lonnie Holley during his New Frequencies at McColl Center performance on February 4, 2017.

Talking About Race + Power: Resources for Children and Adults

The exhibition "The World is a Mirror of My Freedom" addresses issues that adults might find difficult to discuss with children, or even other adults. Here are some resources to help jumpstart challenging conversations about race and power.

Interview with Marcus Kiser + Jason Woodberry

Affiliate Artists Marcus Kiser and Jason Woodberry talk about their art residency and exhibition at McColl Center, influences, creative evolution, and the relevance of their work today.

McColl Center Awarded ArtPlace America’s 2016 National Creative Placemaking Fund Grant

ArtPlace America announced that McColl Center for Art + Innovation was awarded $350,000 for the project, A Tale of Two Cities: McColl Center + the North Tryon Corridor, through its National Creative Placemaking Fund in 2016.

Listen: Mark Steven Greenfield on “The Charlotte Observer”

Artist-in-Residence Mark Steven Greenfield got to know Charlotte in a very real way during his Fall 2016 residency here at McColl Center.