Drawing Into Space: UNC Charlotte Students Going Beyond 2D

2016 UNC Charlotte Artist-in-Residence Hollis Hammonds co-teaches Drawing Into Space, where students consider how drawing, a traditionally two-dimensional art form, can be expanded into three dimensions.

The Concept Is Fun: An Interview with Ben Goldberg

Acclaimed clarinetist talks about klezmer, jazz, and the “hard-hitting, hair-splitting, I'm-quitting directness” of his Invisible Guy trio.

Heather D. Freeman and the Intersection of Language, Image, and Motherhood

“My son’s growth constantly redefines motherhood for me, just as the changing nature of childhood re-shapes my investigations of the non-familial world.”

Seeing the Unseen: The Art of Mei-ling Hom

The environmental art of Mei-ling Hom and her partner David McClelland admits us to an invisible world, billions of years in the making.

A Return to Painting

2015 Alumna Affiliate Artist Caroline Rust reflects on her time at McColl Center and how it’s impacted her work.

Ivan Toth Depeña and the Idea of Chance

“The main element that ties things together is my obsession with the idea of chance.”

Come On, Bust a Genre: Interview with Jem Cohen

Acclaimed filmmaker talks about New York City, the strange and fluid world of film, and working with R.E.M., Dexter Romweber, and Fugazi.

The Value of Diverse Perspectives

Developing a creative mindset to embrace diversity of thought and perspective as paths to success.

For the People: The Artwork of Stephen L. Hayes Jr.

From artist to creator, Stephen L. Hayes Jr. aspires for more with the art he creates.

Exploring Materials in Jewelry Art with Katherine Allen, Eliana Arenas, and Pam Wittfeld

A Q+A with Katherine Allen, Eliana Arenas, and Pam Wittfeld—McColl Center Alumni Artists whose art residencies focused on objects of adornment.