From McColl Center to Dismaland

2011 Alumnus UNC Charlotte Artist-in-Residence Michael Beitz participates in the bold new art installation Dismaland.

Cultivating A Creative Mindset

Creativity and innovation are widely regarded as the most critical ingredients for increased performance, productivity, and profit.

Fluid Paths, Souls, and Creative Blocks: The Art of Felicia van Bork

2005/2011 Alumna Affiliate Artist Felicia van Bork creates art that moves viewers, inspires students, and draws fellow artists to her like moths to a softly flickering flame.

Bending Steel: The Art of Matt Horick

2015 Summer Affiliate Artist Matt Horick creates beautifully stunning sculptures that defy balance and form.

Living Up To Your Creative Potential

Everyone can learn to apply the creative thinking process and innovate in their own spheres of impact, whether in business, nonprofits, art, civics, politics or our personal lives.

A Tapestry of Selfies: The Art of Erin M. Riley

Erin M. Riley uses an ancient art form to bring an element of permanence to images of fleeting behavior of 21st century women.

Let’s Ignite A Movement: First Responders Recap

Art as a catalyst in the dialogue between McColl Center and Carolinas HealthCare on race, the Confederate battle flag, and the Charleston 9.

Collaboration Is Fuel For Creativity

Five tips and one real business world example from Glen Raven and Wray Ward for building creative collaboration.

The Imprint of History

Erik Waterkotte uses mixed media and printmaking to explore the architectural legacy of McColl Center.

Always More Than He Appears: The Art of Mel Chin

Mel Chin is an artist that continually surprises and evolves. You never know what will next inspire him and his endeavors.