Building Connections Between Artists and Communities

McColl Center for Art + Innovation is vital in supporting community inspired, artist-led interventions which contribute to social and economic vitality of our community. The emerging field is creative placemaking and no one is a bigger champion of this critical work than our very own Lisa Hoffman.

Lisa’s passion for creative placemaking has flourished through her direction of the Environmental Program here at McColl Center for Art + Innovation. That passion has made significant impacts, both here in Charlotte and across the nation.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco created the Center for Community Development Investments to research and disseminate best practices in providing capital to low- and moderate-income communities. Part of this mission is accomplished by publishing the Community Development Investment Review, which brings together experts to write about community investment topics.

The Review just published an essay by Lisa on McColl Center’s work with the Art + Ecology Campus at Brightwalk, located on the Statesville Avenue corridor. A highlight of the essay is this excerpt on why creative placemaking helps communities:

“The center builds connections between artists and residents to alter the perception of the Statesville Avenue Corridor, drawing attention to its rich cultural history and natural resources rather than its collective dysfunction. The Art and Ecology Campus responds to the need for renewed pride, sustainability, and connectedness in the community, and has quickly become a destination for many community members. Events such as pop-up exhibitions, performances, and participatory art projects have attracted hundreds of visitors to the area. This new arts and performance platform allows residents to work together in a constructive way to develop a vision for addressing environmental issues while preserving the area’s unique cultural identity.”

Invest a few minutes in reading the whole essay: Building Resiliency: “Fixing”. (PDF)