Cutting Through the Distractions: An interview with Battle Trance composer Travis LaPlante

Battle Trance is a genre-defying saxophone quartet that crosses boundaries between avant-garde jazz, classical music, ambient, and world music.

The Musician Is More Important than the Instrument: An Interview with Brent Bagwell

“We wanted to really dig in and develop the nuance and unspoken understanding that only comes when bands feel that camaraderie that stems from the hours of rehearsal and the interstitial time and the stupid jokes.”

Artist to Artists: Shaun Cassidy’s Prompts for prompt

Insights into the creative parameters for an artwork, from one artist to another.

Honesty, Daring, and Love: The Poetry of Sandra Beasley

Sandra Beasley's poems all take risks. Hers are poems you want to share with people who live for poetry, who are ambivalent about it, and who fear it.

Life Forms and Their Environment: The Art of Tomoo Kitamura

Exploring the possibilities inherent in both nature and man through the art of McColl Center Alumnus Artist Tomoo Kitamura.

Far-Flung Inspirations: An Interview with Trio Red Space’s Tim Daisy

Trio Red Space is an all-star band led by acclaimed drummer and composer Tim Daisy. Their energetic tunes offer consistent surprises, seamlessly straddling the line between written material and improvisation.

McColl Center Statement on HB2, Diversity, and Inclusion

Everyone is welcome at McColl Center for Art + Innovation.

Working in the Gray Area: An Interview with Marek Ranis

“The moment you really try to understand an issue you quickly realize that it is much more complex and hard to define than you originally thought. Research allows me a better misunderstanding of a subject.”

Metamorphosis, Stillness, Intensity: Butoh Dance and the Triptych Collective

Butoh is a provocative form of dance theater that began in the 1950s in Japan and has grown into a global art form.

Language as a Wild Animal: An Interview with Stephanie Barber

“It’s like discovering your imaginary friend really is. And is better than you could have hoped.” Artist and filmmaker Stephanie Barber talks about her film DAREDEVILS.