We are between artist residency seasons with limited gallery access until June 7, 2018.

Suzanne Fetscher Bids Farewell

"With a full and grateful heart, I write my farewell to everyone at McColl Center."

6 Artists Every Charlottean Should Meet

Six new artists-in-residence arrive at McColl Center at the end of August for the fall 2017 residency season.

Banner Poems: “Betwixt” by John W. Love, Jr.

“It’s about the in-between spaces.”

What’s up at McColl Center this summer?

TLDR: Exterior and interior building maintenance.

Juicy Action: Artists-in-Residence Fallen Fruit

Community art projects are some of the sweetest and juiciest ways to make a controversial statement.

Decay + Rebirth in Charlotte: Artist-in-Residence Dustin Farnsworth

The artist planned to create a work during his residency that would reflect upon Charlotte's history and architecture. What he saw instead changed everything.

Art as Influence: Affiliate Artists Marcus Kiser + Jason Woodberry

Marcus Kiser and Jason Woodberry combine their artistic practice with acts of service in our community.

Ken Vandermark on Gratitude, Inspiration, and Jazz Freedom

Saxophonist Ken Vandermark’s skills as a composer have shaped the avant garde music scene in Chicago and beyond.

Drops of Improvisation: Mac McCaughan, Mary Lattimore, and New Rain Duets

Mac McCaughan on his collaborative musical improvisation project with Mary Lattimore called New Rain Duets, which premieres during New Frequencies at McColl Center.