Bright Stars in McColl Center’s Sky

McColl Center Artists Chris Watts and Endia Beal are two “artists to watch” who are gaining national and international attention.

Honoring Our Military Through Art

Alumni Artist-in-Residence Charles Kapsner is creating five paintings depicting and honoring the history of the U.S. military.

The Certain Absurdities of Prison Zoo

How Dr. Seuss influenced our current exhibition, Prison Zoo.

Bugs On The Radio

“It’s kind of like those old bug zappers but in reverse.”

The Decades-Old Link Between Linoleum and Hair

Alumni Artist Anne Lemanski talks about her piece A Century of Hair, 1900-1990 in American Craft magazine.

In the studio with Alumni Artist Isaac Payne

"I am always pushing out to the edges."

Art as Flood Control

Lisa Hoffman - featured on Live Science fostering civic engagement through art and science.

Happenings CLT talks with Marek Ranis

Read on to learn more about our current exhibition and Marek's inspiration.

New artists arrive at McColl Center

Charlotte celebrates the arrival of Fall session of artists.

Alumni Alert: Willie Little

New Gallery of Modern Art Presents "In the Hood" by Willie L Little