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Creativity + Empathy: Charles Thomas and Matt Olin in Conversation

Knight Foundation's Charles Thomas and Creative Mornings/Charlotte's Matt Olin talk about the present and future of creativity and empathy in The Queen City.

The Cyclical Nature of the Universe is Part of the Journey

Sheila Mullen reflects on the simple act of completion, which gives reverence to the process and the journey.

A Figure of Speech

While the phrase "think outside the box" may sound cliché or overused, it still captures the essence of creative thinking and trying new things.

The Value of Diverse Perspectives

Developing a creative mindset to embrace diversity of thought and perspective as paths to success.

Creative Thinking in Business + Arts Partnerships

When arts and businesses partner through the Innovation Institute’s creative thinking programs, everyone profits.

Creative Thinking in the Workplace

Creativity is absolutely crucial in the workplace. The Innovation Institute can help you cultivate that creativity to boost productivity, innovation, and the bottom line.

Cultivating A Creative Mindset

Creativity and innovation are widely regarded as the most critical ingredients for increased performance, productivity, and profit.

Living Up To Your Creative Potential

Everyone can learn to apply the creative thinking process and innovate in their own spheres of impact, whether in business, nonprofits, art, civics, politics or our personal lives.

Collaboration Is Fuel For Creativity

Five tips and one real business world example from Glen Raven and Wray Ward for building creative collaboration.

Creative Thinking As Business As Usual

When creative thinking becomes business as usual, creative potential soars and new ideas become the norm.