Creative Thinking Sparks Innovation

Successful leaders know that creativity is central to new solutions, ideas, strategies, change, and innovation.

How Innovation Can Change Your World

As in art and the world of creativity, at the heart of innovation is change -- a willingness to embrace risk, challenge assumptions, and step outside of the comfort of the status quo.

New ideas begin at the Innovation Institute

Composer, music theorist, writer, and artist John Cage inspires us with a simple quote.

Competition + Collaboration from the Innovation Institute and Carolina Panthers

The Innovation Institute runs with the big cats, the Carolina Panthers, on competition, collaboration, and team building.

Innovative Thinking from Ingersoll Rand

Insights from a team building experience focused on creative development and innovative thinking here at McColl Center.

Using the creative process to break down stereotypes

McColl Center Alumni Artist Bayeté Ross Smith uses his creative process to challenge the way we see and interact with each other.

Monster Building Makes You More Creative + Innovative

This is what happens when a group of adults unleash their creativity and build monsters.

10 Tips From Artists To Develop Your Creativity

Everyone is creative. Here are 10 tips on how to be more so in business, life, and beyond.

Innovation Institute Photo Experience Pictures from Palate to Palette

See the results of the Innovation Institute Photo Experience Pictures from Palate to Palette

Innovation Institute Director, Sheila Mullen and Innovator-in-Residence, Jennifer Appleby Lead AAF Panel

Star-studded panel will discuss the concept of applied innovation from multiple perspectives, providing a well-rounded view of what it means to successfully innovate today.