Creative Thinking As Business As Usual

Doing something the same way over and over again once you’ve got it right is a common tendency. While the familiar saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” has value in some environments, it does not belong in an innovative culture. 

Stuck → Motivated
Stale → Empowered
None → Potential

To be innovative, you need to adapt a creative mindset. Just because you’ve found success doing something one way does not mean you should continue to do it over and over again the same way. Relying on your past success is not a model for sustainable breakout success, just look at Blockbuster. Industry leaders can fall from grace whey they become complacent. 

Dormant → Progressing
Variable → Excited
Starting → Energized

The only motive for adopting a “business as usual” mentality is when business as usual adopts creative thinking. The Innovation Institute helps individuals and teams tap into their innate creative potential and adapt a creative mindset.

Discouraged → Awakened
Infancy → Optimistic
Mediocre → Improved

On, June 5, 2015, the Innovation Institute delivered a creative thinking program to a team of high potentials – from a global, diversified industrial company – in our Levine Creative Hub here at McColl Center for Art + Innovation. The program, led by facilitator Vicki Taylor and sculptor Shaun Cassidy, was designed to help the participants embrace their own creative potential and learn how to bring a creative mindset back into their organization. 

Inconsistent → Hopeful
Frustrated → Blooming
Unknown → Invigorated

At the beginning of the Innovation Institute program, participants were asked to share one-word that describes their current state of creativity. Topping the list were words such as stuck, stale, dormant, and discouraged. As the session came to an end after a day of hands-on creative exercises, participants were again asked to share one-word that describes their current state of creativity. This time, their responses were overflowing with excitement and pride: motivated, empowered, progressing, awakened. There was an obvious mindset shift that reflected a new level of confidence and empowerment.

Disillusioned → Possible
Dead → Winning
Sporadic → Confident

“As a critical thinker, I have always found myself drawn to chaos and disruption,” said one participant, at the end of the day. “What I realized through this [Innovation Institute] experience is that I’m not good at creating disruption for myself. However, I need to initiate disruption because I realize that something better can come from it.”

This is the key to innovation. The creative process can be chaotic and uncertain, but when you adapt your mindset and tap into your potential, you gain the ability to disrupt the status quo and chart a new course. 

Do the “before” words above sound familiar? The Innovation Institute can help. We’ve helped global corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses create stronger teams by leveraging their creative potential. Contact us to discuss how we can help you do the same