FRIDAY, MARCH 22 from 6 TO 9 PM 
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The public is invited to visit McColl Center for Visual Art during a free gallery reception on Friday, March 22 from 6 to 9 PM. This is the last opportunity for visitors to view the All the Time in the World exhibition and to discover the many works created by the resident artists.

During the reception, McColl Center for Visual Art is pleased to partner with Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) to present a panel discussion with five LYNX Blue Line Extension artists: Shaun Cassidy, Chandra Cox, Susan Cannon, Paul Sires, and Tom Stanley. The panel discussion will give the public an opportunity to learn more about the artist’s process of integrating art into a light rail station.

Parking and admission are free. All ages are welcome. $1 beers and cash bar. Please call 704-332-5535 if you have have any questions.


Current Resident Artists
During the reception on March 22, studios will be open and the 2nd and 3rd floor gallery space will be exhibiting the work of the following artists.

•    Carolyn Braaksma, CATS Artist-in-Residence: as a public artist, Braaksma executes large-scale commissions that incorporate visual art into infrastructure projects using concrete, steel, and stone. As the CATS sponsored artist-in-Residence, Braaksma is integrating art into the walls and bridges along the LYNX Blue Line Extension.

•    Katherine Allen, Gail Thomas Peacock CMS Art Teacher-in-Residence: inspired by texture, form, and a love of nature, Allen creates objects of adornment and natural beauty. 

•    Andrea Chung, Artist-in-Residence: explores archival materials such as photographs and tourist publications to reconstruct narratives that sell romantic notions about nature and labor.

•    Elizabeth Connor, Environmental Artist-in-Residence: Both a public and studio artist, Conner represents movement and change into works of art that incorporate local stories, conversations and explorations. 

•    Brian Knep and Natalie Andrew, Carolinas HealthCare Artists-in-Residence: both artists will combine their interests in mythology, journeys, transformation, and notions of magic to create a large, interactive wall piece for the Levine Children's Hospital.

•    Erin V. Sotak, UNC Charlotte Artist-in-Residence: is a storyteller whose work is narrated through the use of symbolic colors, iconic objects, cultural references, and historical allusions.

•    Mel Chin, Knight Artist-in-Residence: known for the broad range of approaches in his practice, his work is largely motivated by political, cultural, and social circumstances.  

•    Tomoo Kitamura, 11-Month Affiliate Artist: creates ceramic sculptures by carving patterns into stoneware clay to produce texture that is both visual and tactile.

•    JoAnn Sieburg-Baker, 11-Month Affiliate Artist: is a photographer who experiments with different methodologies for printing and processing images.

All the Time in the World presented by Wells Fargo. January 25 to March 23, 2013
Featuring artwork by Gail Wight and Mary Tsiongas, All the Time in the World presents many ways we, in fact, measure and perceive time, and in so doing enriches our understanding of them both. Through video, installation, and mixed media the two artists explore the subjective nature of time and show how an understanding of science can influence the practice of contemporary art. All the Time in the World was curated by Arif Kahn. It is also part of the Ulysses Festival: Charlotte Spring Festival of the Arts whose 2013 theme is Brave New Worlds: Technology and Art. The festival comes to life in Charlotte’s art community through lectures, exhibits, and performances that use the latest in modern technology.

Charlotte Area Transit System Partnership
McColl Center for Visual Art will host an exhibition of art proposed for Charlotte Area Transit System’s (CATS) LYNX Blue Line Light Rail Extension from March 8 to 30. The work can be viewed at McColl Center’s Innovation Institute building on North Tryon Street during gallery hours including the March 22 gallery reception.

Designed by Leigh Brinkley, Brinkley Design, the exhibition presents the art proposed by the sixteen artists for the eleven stations, walls and bridges, elevators, bike facilities, and park and ride lots along the BLE’s alignment. Eight artists are from the Carolinas: Susan Brenner, Chandra Cox, Sharon Dowell*, Darren Goins*, Ruth Ava Lyons, Paul Sires, Shaun Cassidy,* and Tom Stanley. Artists from across the United States include Maria Artemis, June Bisantz, Carolyn Braaksma*, Jackie Chang*, Anna Valentina Murch, Doug Hollis, Patricia Leighton* and Del Geist*. (* Current/alumni artist of McColl Center for Visual Art.)

The 9.3 mile LYNX Blue Line Extension will begin uptown at Ninth Street, continue through the North Davidson Arts District, and terminate at the UNC Charlotte campus. Sixteen artists were selected in 2009 to integrate art into this light rail system.

The exhibition is sponsored by CATS, with support from McColl Center for Visual Art.