Community Pie Social

Talking about migration and immigration over sweet and savory pies

McColl Center’s Community Pie Social is a time for neighborly fellowship and dialogue about topical issues. Bring a fresh-baked sweet or savory pie to share with others, and gather to talk about who we are as individuals and where we are as a city and a nation. 

This season, the New Orleans–based chef and writer Tunde Wey joins Rodrigo Valenzuela to facilitate a conversation about migration and anti-immigration sentiments. For the past two years, Wey has traveled the United States, discussing the sociopolitical climate and using the food of his West African childhood to spur conversations. Learn more by visiting Wey’s website and reading his widely circulated article in Oxford American, “Who Owns Southern Food?” 

FREE, advance registration required. Bring a fresh-baked sweet or savory pie to share.