Community Pie Social

Fellowship and dialogue about topical issues that impact people's daily lives

Join us for our first Community Pie Social, a time for neighborly fellowship and dialogue about topical issues that impact people's daily lives, from politics and education to housing and health.

We take as our starting point our exhibition, The World is a Mirror of My Freedom. Bringing together works from five of McColl Center’s current and alumni artists-in-residence, this exhibition responds to the increasingly visible violence against Black bodies and offers some answers to these questions: How are artists aesthetically addressing the traumatic spectacle of lifeless Black bodies? How are the public outcries for justice and change mirrored in art, now?

At the Community Pie Social, we will break bread and delve into issues of law enforcement, economic mobility, and the systems that uphold violence and oppression. 

Bring a fresh-baked sweet or savory pie to share with others and let’s talk about who we are as individuals, where we are as a city and a nation, and what steps we can take to affect change. 

Everyone is welcome. This event is free. RSVP required.