The Innovation Institute delivers creativity training programs to individuals, teams, and organizations that build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to seize opportunities and generate creative solutions.


When you change, the world changes with you

The Innovation Institute helps groups, teams, and organizations build on the idea that creativity is innate, and that fresh perspectives are not only useful, but critical for leaders in any sector. Our unique experiential learning programs help individuals and organizations embrace creativity so they can leverage their creative potential.

Our learning environment creates the time and space for guided exploration and serious play as participants engage in the act of making to deepen their understanding of the creative process. In learning principles and practices used by artists, participants will understand how to leverage their own creativity and the creativity of others.

From 60-minute teambuilding programs delivered during industry conferences to multi-day sessions delivered over the course of several months, our programs can be customized to serve any size or type of audience. While our neo-gothic revival building makes a great location for an inspiring offsite engagement, our programs are designed so they can be taken on the road.

Your goals, your experience

Design a unique experience with specific goals in mind, or choose one of the proven ready-to-go workshops below:

Teambuilding Workshop (1-3 hours): Engaging learning experience that introduces key components of the artist’s creative process. During the session, participants will be lead through individual and collaborative exercises that build creative confidence, team building, and staff development needed to generate imaginative ideas.

Trust the Process Workshop (4-8 hours): Managing uncertainty, finding opportunities, and bouncing back from disruption and failure are part of the artist’s creative process. Participants will learn to trust the process as they are guided through a series of design challenges that building the team’s tolerance for risk. Ideal for groups of up to thirty individuals.

Think Like an Artist: Creativity, Curiosity, and Courage (2 days): Individuals will unleash their curiosity and summon the courage to act on ideas in our flagship two-day program that disrupts the status quo. By questioning assumptions and embracing uncertainty, participants will gain a deeper understanding of what propels and limits their own creativity. Ideal for groups of 8-16 individuals looking for a deep dive.

Design Thinking Workshop (2-4 days): Explore ideas and identify potential solutions in a fast-paced, creative, and highly engaging environment. Using a combination of divergent thinking and hands-on exercises, your team will apply iterative prototyping to quickly test the viability of ideas. The process accelerates solution-finding and empowers teams to fail, learn early and often, and succeed sooner. Ideal for groups who want to generate solutions.

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“The Charlotte Chamber's staff retreat, hosted and led by the Innovation Institute, provided an excellent opportunity for our team to interact and strengthen working relationships. Even more importantly, we left with solid ideas to implement and processes for driving ongoing innovation throughout the organization. It was truly transformational.”

Bob Morgan,
Charlotte Chamber