The Innovation Institute provides artist-led, experiential programs for teams, organizations, and individuals. The programs are not designed to make you an artist, but rather to instill the critical and innovative thinking that artists apply throughout their creative process. This experiential process of artist-led learning results in behaviors that challenge, connect and stimulate change within yourself and the people you lead.


The Innovation Institute trains today’s leaders to connect creativity, curiosity, and courage to results.

The Innovation Institute is a creative and original thinking firm. We teach people how creativity accelerates business solutions. We help leaders and organizations get more out of their existing resources-- faster and creatively. We unleash creativity, making it your secret weapon for unlocking the full potential and capabilities of your people, your assets, your organization, and your business.

When you change, the world changes with you

Imagine when a moment of clarity and genius meets teambuilding, meets professional development, or meets a leadership think tank. Imagine developing solutions collaboratively that you could never have conceived of on your own. Imagine redefining disruption as an untapped opportunity. Imagine releasing fear of judgment, which stifles innovation, then wondering what's possible.

This is the Innovation Institute experience: an intense artist-led, experiential, rapid process where imagination is stimulated and original thinking is rewarded by producing ingenious solutions to the challenges that matter most to you and your organization.

Let's get started

At the Innovation Institute we work closely to design a custom experience, or choose one of the following proven ready-to-go solutions below. Our experiences are developed to scale to any size and audience, ranging from 1 hour to multi-day, at our place or yours. We are flexible, but we never compromise our belief that creativity is not a talent; it's a way to operate and boldly "take in" the world beyond everyday limitation.


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Design Sprint

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“The Charlotte Chamber's staff retreat, hosted and led by the Innovation Institute, provided an excellent opportunity for our team to interact and strengthen working relationships. Even more importantly, we left with solid ideas to implement and processes for driving ongoing innovation throughout the organization. It was truly transformational.”

Bob Morgan,
Charlotte Chamber