The Innovation Institute is an artist-led, hands-on, experiential program that builds the creative capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations.


When you change, the world changes with you

Discover ingenious ways to navigate challenges, produce breakthrough solutions, increase performance, and accelerate results that matter most to you and your organization. The Innovation Institute approach gives leaders and their teams the creative mindset necessary to maneuver through today’s dynamic and unforeseen demands.

When you build creative capacity, collaborative team building leads to solutions you could have never seen on your own. Disruptions become untapped opportunities. Creative blocks and fear of judgment disappear, replaced by courage and possibilities. This is the the Innovation Institute experience.

Innovation begins with creativity

With an emphasis on the creative process, executives and associates are encouraged to embrace the uncomfortable, rethink routines, and pursue a variety of perspectives. The outcomes propel participants to the next level of potential, preparing them to engage and collaborate with colleagues in fresh new ways.

Your goals, your experience

We provide tiered custom program options to meet your needs. Design a unique experience with specific goals in mind, or choose one of the proven ready-to-go workshops below. Both can be developed to scale to any size and audience, ranging from one-hour to multi-day, at our place or yours.

Communication Workshop: Your team will journey through the creative process to understand the value of moving with vision, articulating a message, and gaining traction on the concept. Focused on enhancing communication skills in a group setting, participants will also learn feedback techniques to exercise in real time.

Collaborative Team Building Workshop: The old adage that ‘two minds are better than one’ has never been more true. Improve your team’s collaboration by understanding how to nurture the best ideas from working towards a common goal. Discover unique perspectives that fuel creative thinking in this workshop designed to boost team building.

Resilience Workshop: Building and sustaining resilience in the business world means learning to deal with ambiguity, positively adapting to change, and bouncing back from failure. Enhance the growth of your team through hands-on exercises that provide learnable behaviors and create courageous endurance.

Diversity Workshop: Creativity is enhanced by diversity; decades of research prove it. Great teams remain stuck in the status quo when they continue to approach challenges with the same perspective. Give your team a competitive advantage by learning to value diversity of thought.

Design Thinking Workshop: Explore ideas and identify potential solutions in a fast-paced, creative, and highly engaging environment. Using a combination of divergent thinking and hands-on exercises, your team will apply iterative prototyping to quickly test the viability of ideas. The process accelerates solution-finding and empowers teams to fail, learn early and often, and succeed sooner.

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“The Charlotte Chamber's staff retreat, hosted and led by the Innovation Institute, provided an excellent opportunity for our team to interact and strengthen working relationships. Even more importantly, we left with solid ideas to implement and processes for driving ongoing innovation throughout the organization. It was truly transformational.”

Bob Morgan,
Charlotte Chamber