Annual Fund

Your tax deductible donation of any size makes a difference and supports the daily operation of the Center. Annual support is vital to the Center’s ability to operate and enhance the creative process, a powerful way to bring to light systemic issues.

  • Your donation of $75 or more gives you the benefit of membership
  • Free or discounted admission to special events
  • Donations of $250 receive an invitation to From the Heart, the Center’s annual donor appreciation event

For questions about your donation, contact Katie Miller, Director of Development, at

Planned Giving 

A planned gift gives the opportunity for your philanthropic legacy to impact the Center and the community it serves for generations to come. Your planned gift may include retirement assets, life insurance policies, family business earnings, charitable trusts, IRA Rollovers or a bequest, the Center will help you fulfill your philanthropic vision while maintaining efficient operations.

For more information about the planned giving program at the Center, you can reach out to Katie Miller, Director of Development at 704-944-8240.

Individual Giving

  • Discounts on classes, and workshops
  • Free or discounted admission to Member events and Contemporaries Events
Creator Giving life to the inspired dream

All benefits listed above plus:

  • Invitations to exclusive tours and events at artists’ studios, the homes of private collectors, and/or local and regional Gallery programming
  • Discounts on tickets to signature events such as Studio Party 13 and Palate to Palette
  • Invitation to From the Heart, the Center’s annual Donor Thank You event
Innovator The commitment to affect positive change

All benefits listed above plus:

  • Invitations to travel to international Biennales in places such as Cuba and Istanbul
  • Opportunity to host event at the Center for up to 50 people (catering not included)
  • Private tour of exhibitions with Residency Director
Medici The courage and leadership to seed greatness

All benefits listed above plus:

  • Invitations to intimate dinners at the home of the President/CEO with other community and business leaders
  • Opportunity to host event at the Center for up to 75 people (catering not included)
  • Private tour of exhibitions or private programming opportunities with CEO, Curator and/or artists
Visionary The light of inspiration, growth and sustainability

All benefits listed above plus:

  • Opportunity to direct leadership gift to sponsor or co-sponsor an artist, residency or other program with name recognition on collateral materials and at public events
  • Recognition of leadership gift on signage in the lobby and the website
  • Opportunity to host event at the Center for up to 100 people (catering not included)
Nexus Society The core connectors of possibility and opportunity

All benefits listed above plus:

  • Invitation to the Center’s National Advisory Board meeting and programming (held once a year in places such as New York City or Los Angeles)
  • Opportunity to host event at the Center for up to 200 people (catering not included)
  • Naming recognition commensurate with giving level and donor intent.
  • Benefits at this level can be tailored to the donors requests.

FY14 Individual Donors

$25,000 +

Mrs. Missy Luczak Smith and Mr. Doug Smith

$10,000 — $24,999

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cottingham III
Mr. and Mrs. Elmar Fetscher
Mr. and Mrs. Liam McGee
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Peacock, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Edwin Shelton
Mr. Richmond Stowe

$5000 — $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Al de Molina
Mr. Michael Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bennett Dellinger, III
Dr. Kim Blanding
Mr. and Mrs. David Conlan
Dr. Andy Dews and Mr. Tom Warshauer
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Faison
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Huson
John and Robyn Horn
Ms. Barbara L. Laughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. McColl, III
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. McColl, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCracken
Mrs. Sheila Mullen and Mr. Sean Mullen
Mrs. Debra Plousha Moore and Col. John Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Harding Stowe
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Trenning
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Williamson, III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bertges
Mr. and Mrs. Derick S. Close
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Grace
Mr. Fred W. Klein

$2500 — $4999

Mr. John Amols
Ms. Cassie Brown and Mr. John Cornely
Ms. Lou Kinard and Mr. Charlie Elberson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Clay Grubb
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro Gurdian
Ms. Rebecca Hannum
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Ortiz
Ms. Betsy Rosen and Mr. Liam Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. William Serenius
Mr. Shannon G. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel L. Zapata
Mr. Jason Faraooei

$1000 — $2499

Dr. and Mr. Christie H. Amato
Mrs. May Barger
Mr. Charles T. Barger III
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Barnhardt
Dr. Sharon Baxter and Prof. Lawrence Baxter
Mr. Sanford R. Berlin
Mr. and Ms. Howard C. Bissell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Bowman
Mr. J. Larry Brady, Jr. MD
Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Bragg, Jr.
Mr. and Ms. Christopher Branch
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Bratek
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Cagle
Ms. Candice Campbell and Mr. Mark Aderholt
Shaun and Hope Cassidy
Ms. Lori T. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Connelly
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Culbertson
Mr. Mike Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose W. Dittloff
Mr. and Mrs. Jubal A. Early
Mr. Jason Fararooei
Mr. and Ms. William P. Farthing Jr.
Mrs. Lorne Lassiter and Mr. Gary Ferraro
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Finke
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Freeman, Jr.
Ms Berhan Nebioglu and Mr. Michael Gallis
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic H. Garner, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Gorelick
Mr. and Mrs. William Gorelick
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Gossett
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Harrison Jr.
Mr. James E. Hatley
Mrs. Lisa Hoffman and Mr. Phil Hoffman
Ms. Jody Rimmer and Mr. Jeff Hull
Ms. Lynne Ingersoll
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Izard
Mr. William E. Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Larkin
Mr. Christopher Lawing
Ms. Amy Lefkof and Mr. Tim Mayopoulos
Mr. Wesley Mancini and Mr. Robert Scheer
Mr. and Mrs. Alex W. McAlister
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher McCoy
Ms. Devlin McNeil and Ms. Aimee Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Melberg
Ms. Ulrike Miles and Mr. Alex Miles
Mr. and Mrs. Thruston B. Morton
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Oudmayer
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Patterson
Mrs. Pamela Pearson and Mr. John Akin
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rash
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Robinson
Barbara Schreiber and Bill Ribarsky
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jeff Scott, III
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Simonini
Mr. and Mrs. H. Paul Steiger, Jr.
Ms. Sarah Schultz and Mr. Jeffrey Sugarman
Ms. Sharon Blalock and Ms. Marcia Tillotson
Mr. Bill Tome
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Vanbergen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vest
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Vorhoff
Ms. Anne Vulcano
Mrs. Cheryl Walker
Mr. and Mrs. David Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams
Mr. Rob Williams and Mr. Warren Womble
Mr. and Mrs. Landon Wyatt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zimmerman

$501 — $999

Mr. Steve Allen and Dr. William Larsen
Ms. Deborah Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Babb Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Belk, Jr.
Kristina and Scott Burke
Ms. Cheryl Carpenter
Ms. Astrid Chirinos
Mr. and Mrs. W. Fairfax Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cope
Mr. and Mrs. John Culbertson
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ford
Mr. and Mrs. David Furman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gabbard
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Harris, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes
Mr. Lee Jones
Ms. Joan Lorden and Mr. Larry Mays
Dr. Khalil E. Kardous
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Lockwood
Bob and Meg Morgan
Ms. Jarleth Van Meter Nurkin
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Phifer
Mrs. Mary Richard and Mr. Chris McCoy
Marjorie Serralles-Russell and Terry Russell
Dr. and Mrs. John Santopietro
Mr. and Mrs. John Shimp
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. David Simpkins
Mr. and Mrs. William Sofsky
Ms. Vicki Sutton and Mr. Ken Pursley
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tate
Dr. Lee R. Rocamora and Dr. John Thompson
Laura and Chuck Thompson
Mrs. Lucy Thomspon Dean and Mr. Clark Dean
Ms. Irina Toshkova
Mr. and Mrs. David Van Hemel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Verano
Ms. Janet Wall
Dr. and Mrs. Will Warlick
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan L. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Williams
Mr. Doug Wood
Mrs. Gay Dillashaw
Ms. Beth Galen
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Payne
Chris and Linda William
Mr. Stuart Johnson

$251 — $500

Ms. Judith V. Allen and Mr. David L. Coburn
Ms. Briarlee Barrow
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Bernstein
Mr. Ron Boozer
Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Brown
Ms. Ann Browning
Ms. and Mr. Lynn-Anne Bruns
Mr. Robert Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Marion A. Cowell
Mr. W. Rennie Cuthbertson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Edwards
Mrs. Claudia Gonzalez Griffin an d Mr. Don Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. John Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Gustafson
Mrs. Anne Henderson
Mr. Dan Hooks
Ms. Lisa Hunting
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hurden
Ms. Susan Jedrzejewski
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Joffe
Mr. and Mrs. Lenoir C. Keesler, Jr.
Mr. Garth F. Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lambla
Mr. and Ms. Michael E. Link
Ms. Hillary B. Maclean
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Maddrey III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. E. Graham McGoogan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McGowan
Ms. Chris McLeod J.D.
Mr. Joel McPhee
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Neus
Dr. and Mrs. J. Gray Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Don Olin
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Parmelee
Ms. Sandy Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Radke
Mrs. Elizabeth Wolfe and Mr. Gary S. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Scheer
Ms. Marjorie Moses Schwab
Dr. Rita Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Mustard
Mr. and Mrs. Kostas Stamoploulos
Mr. Brad Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tober
Ms. Stephanie Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Weisbruch
Mr. Lyman G. Welton
Mr. Christoper Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Addison B. Causey, Jr.
Mrs. Joanna Wardell

$100 — $250

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Augerot
Ms. Luann Bailey
Mr. Robert P. Barbee
Mrs. Catherine Bates Reading and Mr. William Reading
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Beaver
Ms. Terri Bennett Giordano
Mr. David Deal and Mr. Stephen C. Bentley
Ms. Betsy Birkner and Mr. Randy Wall
Ms. Lynda Boozer
Dr. and Mrs. John Bourgeois
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Brewton
Mr. and Mrs. William Bulla, III
Dr. Elizabeth J. Bumgarner and Dr. Parag Phadke
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Buonanno
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Capozziello
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carlson-Redding
Mr. Robert Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Carter
Ms. Lesley Chambless
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. James Cook
Mr. Steve Copulsky
Ms. Katie Culclasure
Mrs. Sharon Cunningham-Thompson and Mr. Adam Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James Currie
Mr. Geoff D'Amico
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Davis
Ms. Ann Depta
Ms. Kim Depuy and Mr. Joe Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Dean DeVillers
Ms. Dianne English
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Fennimore
Mr. and Mrs. Mick Fisher
Mrs. Angela T. Frederick Lanham and Mr. J. Gregory Lanham
Ms. Sarah M. Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Goodwin
Mrs. Mary Hahn Fetter and Mr. Kris Fetter
Ms. Melva Hanna
Ms. Peggy Harris
Mr. Joe Haubenhofer
Mr. and Mrs. David Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Hitt
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Johnson Jr.
Mr. Randall Morrow and Mr. David Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Luke W. Jones
Ms. Jenny Joyner
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kidd
Dr. Sheila Kilbane
Ms. Janice S. Ladley
Mrs. Sue Laguna-Whang
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lasure
Mr. and Mrs. Haynes P. Lea
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Lee
Mr. Dennis Lemmons
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Lipps
Mr. Eric Little
Mrs. Krista Long and Mr. Michael Long
Mr. and Mrs. James Lover
Ms. Vi Lyles
Ruth Ava Lyons and Paul Sires
Ms. Annabel Manning and Mr. Michael Kelly
Mrs. Amy L.C. Markel
Mr. Larry Markel
Ms. Carrie McCracken and Mr. Dale Davey
Ms. Missy Mcdonald
Ms. Latisha McElroy and Mr. Cao Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Martin McInerney
Mr. and Mrs. William McKee
Paras and Shivani Mehta
Mr. Tim Miron
Mr. Monty Montague
Mr. and Mrs. Flynn Mooring
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Morrison
Mr. Phan Neuman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Okel
Ms. and Mr. Nancy Olah
Dr. Leland M. Park
Dr. Elizabeth Perry
Mr. Richard Petershiem
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pierce
Ms. Phyllis Primm
Mr. Frank Quarttrochi
Dr. George S. Rent
Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rohe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Roselle
Mr. Erik Rosenwood
Ms. Chelsea Samuel and Mr. Joe Rauch
Ms. Octavia Z. Seawell
Mr. and Mrs. Art Shiver
Mr. William B. Caldwell and Mr. Robert L. Shore
Mrs. Melissa Vrana and Mr. Andrew Skalaban
Mr. and Mrs. E. Harold Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steadman
Mr. David Stoke
Dr. Sharon Sullivan and Mr. D. M. Sullivan
Ms. Micaila Milburn and Mr. Charles Thomas
Mr. and Ms. Matt Varner
Mrs. Martha Viser Clontz
Mr. Kevin Vogel
Ms. Candice Langston and Mr. Felix Von Uklanski
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Waldthausen
Mr. James D. Walsh
Ms. Kathleen Curry and Mr. Michael Weinstein
Mr. Allen West
Mr. and Mrs. Owen H. Whitfield, Jr.
Mrs. Zewditu Menelik and Mr. Adrian Woolcock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yaffe
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Zimmern
Ms. Patricia Zoder
Mr. Robert Dulin
Mr. Christopher R. Hummer
Mrs. Marsha Rich

$1 — $99

Ms. Mary Edith Alexander
Ms. Diana Arvanites and Mr. Marc Leclair
Mr. Andre Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bivens
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Blackmon
Ms. Kathryn Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Boyer
Ms. Susan Brenner
Ms. Rubie Britt Height
Byrne Family Trust
Ms. Cindy Caldwell
Mrs. Kathryn Causey Miller and Mr. G. Anthony Miller
Jeffrey Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Cote
Kimberly Crothers
Ms. Geri Cruickshank-Eaker
Mrs. Mary C. Curtis and Mr. Martin F. Olsen
Mr. James Delark
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Diamond
Ms. Sharon Dowell
Ms. Leigh A. Dyer
Mrs. Ryann C. Fairweather
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fowler
Ms. Ashley Hudler and Ms. Jennifer S. Gaisbauer
Ms. Karen Garloch
Ms. Paula A. Guilfoyle
Dr. Nancy A. Gutierrez
Mr. Jeremy K. Hall
Ms. Cathy Hasty
Mrs. ML Hedin-Goldfield
Ms. Meredith Helgeson
Ms. Kimberly Henderson
Mr. Gregory Hill
Ms. Sandra A. Hoeft
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hudson
Ms. Julie Hulley
Ms. Lenore Jones Deutsch
Ms. Jennifer Lang
Mr. Scott Laws
Ms. and Mr. Cambria Lohri
Ms. Raquel Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. R. Weldon Mann, III
Mrs. Angie Mattson
Ms. Jenny Matz
Ms. Kathryn McEntee
Ms. Andrea McGuire
Ms. Beverly McIver
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McNelis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Mealy
Ms. Karen E. Morgan
Ms. Laura Morrow-Fox
Ms. Maaike Mulders
Mr. Dennis Marsoun
Ms. Lia Newman and Mr. Chris Gannon
Mrs. Lisa Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Player
Woodie and Shep Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Rubenson
Mr. Joseph Rux
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Sellner
Ms. Beverly Y. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Spears
Mr. Matthew Steele
Ms. Stephanie Stenglein
Mr. Ryan Strait
Ms. Michelle Sutch
Merritt T. Tracy
Ms. Mary Tuma
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Tydings
Mrs. Pat Viser
Ms. Joan Vitale
Ms. Gaye Walden
Dr. Deborah J. Walker
Ms. Elize Weston and Mr. Dave Molinaro
Mr. and Mrs. Gene White
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wilson
Ms. Lauren Woodruff

Get Involved

The McColl Center for Art + Innovation relies on the generosity of others who are dedicated to supporting artists regionally, nationally and internationally and promoting contemporary art. Learn more about how you can help advance community through the creative process.

The Contemporaries

The Contemporaries of McColl Center for Art + Innovation are an eclectic group of artists and art appreciators of all levels of skill and knowledge. The Contemporaries meet monthly at galleries, artists’ studios and private collectors’ homes for programs aimed at providing opportunities for dialogue between and among the participants and the presenter. Any donors of the Center, 40-years-old and younger can opt in to becoming a member