Connected Art Workshop: Gelatin Monoprinting

Saturday, April 25
10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Virtual Only
Registration closed

Gelatin monoprinting is an easy, uncomplicated, and fun way to explore printmaking virtually, without a press. Charlotte-based artist Laurie Smithwick will teach you the basics of printing with a gelatin plate, including techniques for rolling ink, pulling a print, and pulling a ghost print.

Tickets are $80 for members and $85 for non-members, per participant, including art box supplies and courier delivery during travel restrictions. This workshop is limited to Charlotte area residents. Registration ends Friday, April 24, at 10:00 a.m.

About Connected Art Workshops

Make artistic connections and expand your creativity from home. McColl Center’s Connected Art Workshops are taught live online by Charlotte-based artists.


Q: Where do I have to be to access Connected Art workshops?  

A: Anywhere you have a strong Wi-Fi or data connection. The comfort of your home is the perfect place to be. We recommend setting up at a desk, the kitchen table, or the floor so you have space to spread out and be creative. We send you water-based paints, but to be safe you might want to put paper or plastic underneath your workspace.  

Q: How interactive will the workshop be?  

A: As interactive as you want it to be. The workshop will happen live via a web platform, and you’re encouraged to share video as you’re working, be social, and ask questions. If you prefer to leave your camera off and work on your own, that’s totally fine too. 

Q: What software do I need to download?  

A: All you have to do is click the workshop link (listed as meeting link) in the email. You’ll be prompted to download and install the video launcher and you’ll be all set. We recommend joining the meeting about 5 minutes early so you can turn on your webcam and microphone too. If you’re joining the workshop on your phone, you can use the platform’s app. You can find information on joining specific to your device here. We’ll send the meeting link to you via email when you purchase the workshop. 

Q: Is there any other way I can support artists at McColl Center?  

A: Yes! If you want to support stipends and emergency travel for the artists-in-residence, contracts for teaching artists, and wages for hourly staff, you can make a gift directly to us at Your gift—large or small— is appreciated and extremely helpful to continue our mission to champion artists and spark creativity.