Youth Program: Master Class with Filmmaker William D. Caballero: Big Stories Using Small Figures

Saturday, November 6, 12:00-1:30pm 
Ages 11-18
Free thanks to the generosity of Ingrid and John Amols

How are you using your craft to tell stories? Artist-in-residence William D. Caballero is a New York-born, North Carolina raised, and Los Angeles-based filmmaker, composer, violinist, telling big stories with small figures. His 3D printed figures are used to create short films that introduce us to his family, and explore American, Latino, identity. 

Join him as he shares his journey through the challenges and successes of developing his own voice and process as a multimedia storyteller filmmaker.  

His creative mantra is “empower, enlighten, and express”, and it underlies his desire to spread the gift of creativity amongst diverse people, liberating them from the oppression of mainstream tastes and values. Caballero’s video work champions a new reality, where brown-skinned nerds and LGBTQ geeks feel empowered to tell their own stories using their own voice. After all, if we don’t tell our own stories, then who will?