Youth Program: Portfolio Review with William D. Caballero

Saturday, November 13, 12:00-4:00pm 
Sign up for a 30-minute time slot 
Ages 11-18
Free thanks to the generosity of Ingrid and John Amols 

Filmmakers! Now that you’ve attended the master class, it’s time to get feedback on your work. Bring your portfolio (video samples saved to a thumb drive), storyboards and script ideas to a one-on-one session with McColl Center’s artist-in-residence William D. Caballero. Get feedback on your process and ideas on how you can tell your own stories in unique ways. 

Creatives not able to attend the Master Class are welcome to register.  

Bio:  William D. Caballero is a multimedia filmmaker and writer that tells big stories using small figures. His 3D printed macro-protagonists examine American, Latino, gender/sexuality, and existential identity, becoming hosts to discussions on issues far larger than they.  This is sometimes accomplished with humor and other times through somber introspection, allowing each new miniature world to take on new traits across many eclectic genres, using the medium of film and video.