The Value of Diverse Perspectives

By Susan Jedrzejewski

At a recent Innovation Institute experience, more than 50 marketing students from UNC Charlotte were guided through a series of hands-on exercises at McColl Center for Art and Innovation. The experience was designed to help instill the value of adapting a creative mindset and how that attitude can support navigating the complex business challenges that arise in the workforce.

Creativity is a necessary skill that helps us address our 21st century business challenges. It is key to understanding that there are multiple paths to success and that diverse perspectives are valuable in generating new and novel ideas. 

Marketing decisions are not typically made in silos, they often involve a team and can include several other departments – that means dealing with lots of opinions and viewpoints. 

Embracing a creative mindset doesn’t always mean coming up with the winning idea on your own and then doing whatever it takes to see it through. It means being open-minded and receptive to input from others. It means being flexible, anticipating change, and embracing what’s different.
To develop your own creative mindset, here’s a tip: Instead of gracefully accepting someone’s input when they come to you, go to them and actively seek it out.

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Watch our 2-minute video on embracing diversity of thought featuring Innovation Institute artist facilitator Bayeté Ross Smith.