Creative Thinking in the Workplace

Creativity is absolutely crucial in the workplace.

So explains Barbara Dyer, President and CEO of The Hitachi Foundation and senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, in her Fortune article on creative thinking in the workplace.

“All organizations have creative people and they should be encouraged,” she says, “but there is an important distinction between welcoming the occasional out-of-the-box idea and cultivating creativity as an approach to doing business.”

Dyer continues: “Promoting a culture of creativity requires honing the skills of observation and invention – generally the purview of artists and designers – throughout your organization and aligning core systems to reinforce the creative process.” 

Knowing how to harness that creativity and use it to boost productivity, innovation, and the bottom line takes acumen and expertise. That’s where the Innovation Institute comes in.

Our artist-led, experiential programs are custom designed to unlock the full potential and capabilities of your people, your assets, your organization, and your business.

“A firm’s embrace of creativity in their workplace culture requires a disciplined approach to unleash the chaos of inventive ideas,” adds Dyer.

The Innovation Institute leads your team through the disciplined approach of the creative process and helps you get more out of your existing resources – faster and more creatively. Contact us to learn more.