Creative Thinking Sparks Innovation

By Sharon Reed

At the Innovation Institute, we believe that innovation is the result of imagination, inspiration, and a willingness to experiment and explore points of connection in new and unfamiliar ways.

Going further, learning to leverage diversity of thought, skill and experience, and creating a culture of collaboration not only strengthen teams and organizations, but also expand individual and collective potential.

Creativity, both individual and collective, has the capacity to stimulate our senses and imagination, enabling us to visualize and experience new interpretations of old forms or the creation of something new altogether.

By leveraging the creative process – thinking outside of traditional paradigms, embracing risk, and working collaboratively to reframe current challenges – we can become better equipped to solve key problems by envisioning and implementing new ideas and solutions.

Consider the work of McColl Center for Art + Innovation alumna Artist-in-Residence Aurora Robson.

What first meets the eye is an intriguing, free form sculpture that beautifully captures both the light and our imagination. Upon closer examination, however, the sculpture reveals something different altogether.

Known for her transformative artwork using plastic debris, excess packaging, and junk mail, Robson uses her creativity to bring awareness and action to restricting trash in our waterways, while challenging us to considering our plastic footprint and waste in our own lives and communities.

Are you, your team, or organization ready to reframe current challenges and explore new perspectives? The Innovation Institute can help. We’ve helped Ingersoll Rand, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, and the Charlotte Chamber create stronger teams by leveraging individual strengths and diverse perspectives via the creative process. Contact us to discuss how we can help you do the same.