Robert Lazzarini in 3D

2015 Knight Artist-in-Residence Robert Lazzarini has been using 3D printing as a tool for rapid prototyping his intricately altered sculptures for many years. 

In a recent interview, Lazzarini talks about 3D printing technology and his collaboration with Rock Hill based 3D Systems during his art residency here at McColl Center during the winter of 2015.

I was recently in Charlotte, NC, as a Knight Foundation Artist in Residence at McColl Center for Art and Innovation. Part of my residency was to create maquettes for a sculpture I’m currently working on. 3D Systems was very generous in letting me have use of the CubePro during my stay. It was an ideal printer for making large models quickly with excellent resolution. I used the ABS plastic for its durability and spray my models with a gray sandable primer, which on the ABS, finished nicely.

The operation of CubePro was extremely intuitive and the advantages of having one in my studio were substantial. I was able to make changes to my models and print them immediately without waiting for a service bureau. This was a significant time saver and allowed me to speed up the initial design phase of my project.

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