The Certain Absurdities of Prison Zoo

Filmmaker Magazine recently interviewed 2014 McColl Center Artist-in-Residence Alix Lambert about the clever claymation video that shares the name of her exhibition Prison Zoo, currently on view here in the first floor of our contemporary art gallery.

Lambert on the concept of Prison Zoo:

I do think zoos are like prisons. I was thinking about Dr. Seuss’s The Butter Battle Book. It’s about the arms race and nuclear war. In the book the Yooks and the Zooks go to war over whether it’s better to butter the top side or bottom side of their bread. By taking some of my concerns about systemic incarceration and creating a claymation world of animals in a zoo, I’m able to show certain absurdities.

See the Prison Zoo video, and the complete exhibition, through August 14, 2015 here at McColl Center.


Criminal Behavior + Art: An interview with Alumni Artist-in-Residence Alix Lambert