Amy Johnson on Art, Home, and Migration

“Home is a difficult thing for me to define. Alaska feels like home. When I come to Charlotte, I always say, ‘I'm going home.’”

McColl Center names Alli Celebron-Brown as President + CEO

Alli Celebron-Brown starts as McColl Center for Art + Innovation's President + CEO on December 4, 2017.

Open Access: Carmen Papalia Offers New Ways to Experience the World Around Us

Artist-in-residence Carmen Papalia’s residency project, Open Access, challenges how we see not only art, but also the world at large.

Helado Negro: Everything to Music

Helado Negro, who performs at New Frequencies at McColl Center, talks about the mix of everything that brought him to music.

Zoë Charlton On Making Spaces for Young People to Create

“It’s important for young folks to see someone who looks like them doing the thing that they may want to do or that they may be unfamiliar with.”

Leah Rosenberg debuts "Color for the People" with The Blue Hour

Artist-in-residence Leah Rosenberg debuts "Color for the People" with The Blue Hour, inspired by alumni artist John W. Love Jr.

Rodrigo Valenzuela on the materials in "New Land"

Artist Rodrigo Valenzuela tells us about the materials he uses, and why, in the exhibition “New Land”.

Suzanne Fetscher Bids Farewell

"With a full and grateful heart, I write my farewell to everyone at McColl Center."

6 Artists Every Charlottean Should Meet

Six new artists-in-residence arrive at McColl Center at the end of August for the fall 2017 residency season.