Date: Thursday, March 23 —Thursday, March 23, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM —8:00 PM
Location: McColl Center
Cost: $10
Registration Deadline: Thursday, March 23

Join us in an evening of artmaking through performance, as a collaboration between Artist-in-Residence Zuzanna Dyrda and Movement Migration unfolds before our eyes.

Tire(d) is a response to a reality dominated by cars. To the fact that over 100 million cars and trucks are hitting American streets every day. We wake up in a world dedicated to highway and parking spaces. Concurrently driving a car makes apparent movement possible. The body is moved while remaining stationary. Muscles are not engaged. We become tire(d) of being transported. All this leaves environmental, social, and health marks on us have a great impact on how community life is organized. 

This performance will be held in a space filled with scrap tires. Join us to see how a real movement of the performers will help us to depict the issue of overmotorization. America, you literally drive me crazy! Is there any horizon for redevelopment?

Zuzanna Dyrda brings a variety of imaging techniques together to illuminate the conceptual possibilities of printmaking. Her mark-making approach is not limited to traditional paper, block and press techniques used in printmaking, but includes the body and human skin as substrate

Modern dance is a form of kinetic communication, an expressive and moving art form that can portray the human experience, both visceral and abstract, designing the energy of the body in space and time. Movement Migration is a collective of seasoned dance artists collaborating with artists to create and perform dynamic and poignant artwork. Directed by Kim Jones, the ensemble will perform a structured improvisational movement score and look forward to collaborating with Zuzanna Dyrda.

Movement Migration Dancers - E.E Balcos, Alyce Vallejo, Tracy Heim directed by Artistic Director Kim Jones