Prison Zoo

Multimedia Works by 2014 Alumna Artist Alix Lambert

Friday, May 15, 6–9 PM

Friday, May 15, 6:30 PM

Friday, August 14, 6–9 PM

Based on her experiences working in and around the world of crime, interdisciplinary artist Alix Lambert has become acquainted with a wide variety of personalities over the years. As she has gathered material on criminal behavior and what it says about our own humanity, she has developed a multitude of strategies to present this information in an attempt to appeal to a diverse audience. Through her multi-city Crime USA project, she has explored sculpture, printmaking, drawing, theater, film, books, and animation.

L. 4 Fingers L. Thumb R. Thumb R. 4 Fingers, 2014
Silkscreen on paper, 25 x 55.5 inches

The multimedia exhibition Prison Zoo derives its title from a new claymation piece produced in collaboration with Charlotte-based filmmakers Tim Grant, Nick Vitelli, and Moria Geer-Hardwick during Alix’s 2014 residency at McColl Center. This provocative short chronicles the strained relationship between an effusive fox and his cellmate, a mute sloth. Through humor and wit, Lambert provides commentary on the penal system’s revolving door, prison overcrowding, and inhumane nature of prison life.

Still of “Fennec Fox” character from Prison Zoo.